A regular maintenance program is important for the life and enjoyment of your swimming pool. Your swimming pool or spa can be kept clean and operating properly by our team of Certified Maintenance Technicians at Lehmann Pools and Spas.

Maintenance Service

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Seasonal Opening

Our team will prepare your pool for your family to enjoy all season long. Over multiple visits we will completely clean your pool and the surrounding area, balance chemicals and test all of your equipment for optimal performance.

Winterizing/Closing Services

Winterization includes evacuating all water from plumbing lines and filtration equipment. We will drain your swimming pool to the proper winterization level, store all items removed from pool, spa and filtration system. We will also balance water chemistry and add winter chemicals. Finally, we install and secure your winter cover.


Chemical Maintenance and Cleaning Service

Our full maintenance packages include skimming leaves and debris, brushing sediment from pool walls, vacuuming the pool, cleaning the skimmer, check filter and backwash as needed, and test/balance pool water chemistry.

Dirty Filter Clean Filter
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