Pool Inspection

Victor Lehmann, the owner and operator of LP&S is available by appointment to do pool inspections. This is a very important step when buying a home with a pool. A swimming pool is one of the most valuable assets in a home and it can be the place your friends and family make most of their memories. Don’t rely on a home inspector, it’s rare they offer this service, but even if they do, many do not have the required expertise to evaluate a pool.

When doing a pool inspection Vic will assess and give the customer a written report with the following items included:

  • Visual inspection of pool structure such as pool/spa structure, tile, coping
  • Fencing and pool/spa decking as well as any access gates
  • Pool/spa accessories such as ladder, cleaner, cover, lights, main drain fittings
  • Mechanical equipment such as filter pump, heater, filter, electrical switches
  • Repair estimates will be given for any of the items in the report that are required