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Elevating Your Pool Experience with Top-Notch Equipment

At Lehmann Pools & Spas, nestled in the heart of Mahwah, New Jersey, we’re dedicated to enhancing your pool experience through the expert installation and replacement of essential pool equipment. Serving the broader Northern NJ region, our mission is to ensure your pool operates with unmatched efficiency, safety, and cleanliness.

Comprehensive Installation Services

Quality Installation for Optimal Performance:

Our certified professionals specialize in the seamless installation of a broad spectrum of pool equipment. From energy-efficient pumps to sophisticated filtration systems, we ensure each component is installed correctly, significantly enhancing your pool’s functionality.

Tailored Solutions for Every Pool:

Recognizing the unique needs of each pool, we offer customized consultations to help you select the ideal equipment. Whether it’s cutting-edge heaters or automated control systems, our solutions aim to optimize your pool’s performance while prioritizing energy efficiency and cost savings.
Key Equipment Installations

Pumps and Motors:

The lifeline of your pool, ensuring water circulates through the filtration system effectively. We provide robust solutions tailored to the size and demands of your pool.


Essential for maintaining water clarity and hygiene, our filters keep your pool water pristine, ensuring a safe and inviting swimming environment.


Extend your pool season with our high-efficiency heaters, designed to maintain the perfect water temperature for comfort in any weather.

Automation Systems:

Simplify pool management with our advanced automation systems, allowing you to control and optimize pool settings remotely for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Why Trust Lehmann Pools & Spas?

Expertise You Can Rely On:

With years of dedicated service, our team possesses the expertise to handle any pool equipment need, ensuring excellence and reliability in every project.

Unmatched Quality:

We partner with leading manufacturers to provide high-quality equipment that guarantees long-lasting performance and reliability.

Dedicated to Your Satisfaction:

Our commitment to outstanding service means we’re not happy until you are completely satisfied. We back our installations with solid warranties and responsive support.

Ready to Upgrade Your Pool Equipment?

For those in Mahwah and Northern NJ looking to enhance their pool with the latest in equipment technology, Lehmann Pools & Spas stands ready to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your pool experience with professional equipment installation and service.
Embrace the ultimate pool experience with Lehmann Pools & Spas – where quality meets innovation in the heart of Northern New Jersey.
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